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The Exercise Series                                                                     View Cart's step-by step screenwriting exercise collection includes three


exercises: Character Development, Plot Structure, and Dialogue. By using the easy-to-follow questions in each exercise, you will learn the techniques used by Hollywood's top screenwriters.

The first exercise, Character Development , will help you create characters that are so life-like they seem to jump off the page.

The second exercise, Plot Structure, will help you create a story with a dramatic beginning, middle, and end that propel your characters toward a mind-blowing climax.

The third exercise, How To Create Real-Life Dialogue, will help you write dialogue that is crisp, revealing, and electric.

All three exercises help you learn the techniques used by Hollywood's top screenwriters.

And, each exercise provides you with easy-to-follow, categorized lists of questions that guide you through the screenwriting process every step of the way. It's just like having an instructor sitting next to you and explaining the art of screenwriting.

Take our web tour to find out how the Exercise Series can help you learn how to write a screenplay as well as Hollywood's top screenwriters. Web Tour

The Exercise Series is only $14 and you will get instant access to it as a downloadable Adobe PDF file.


Online Screenwriting Exercises

How To Create A Dramatic Plot Structure: A Step-by-Step Guide Only $5 Buy Now!
Tragedy. Theme. Crisis. Climax. These are the elements that are used to create award-winning screenplays. In's step-by-step plot structure exercise, you will learn how to master these storytelling elements. Read More

Character Development Exercise Only $5 Buy Now!'s step-by-step character development exercise will show you how to create the believable characters that Hollywood loves. Read More

How To Write A Religious Thriller Only $5 Buy Now!'s 6-page screenwriting exercise can help you write a screenplay that contains the best elements of "The Exorcist" and "The Omen"--horror films that are part of a popular sub-genre known as the religious thriller. Read More

How to Create Real-Life Dialogue: A Step-by-Step Guide
You will learn how to create the words that animate all great motion picture characters in a the article titled How To Create Real-Life Dialogue: A Step-by-Step Guide. Read More

How To Write A Screenplay From Your Personal Life Experiences: A Step-by-Step Guide
With a few easy-to-use guidelines, it's possible to dramatize real-life events and turn your personal experiences into an award-winning script. Read More

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Screenplay Coverage Services

Screenplay coverage is your pitch, the sales tool you need to sell your screenplay to producers and directors.

Coverage provides you with an exciting summary of your screenplay's story, as well as comments showing the strengths of the story.

When you enclose coverage with your screenplay submission to producers and directors, they will feel compelled to read the entire script and to give your script serious consideration. And, you can't ask for more than that.

So, check out our industry-leading screenplay coverage services:

Click here for details on Standard and Advanced screenplay coverage

Read our sample coverage     FREE online consultation


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